Steve Jack, Chairman of the Membership Committee, expressed delight in welcoming so many new members and said he hoped that those who were newly enrolled would be attending the Preparation Day and Examinations in March 2011.Success in the examinations was the first step on the route to the CSCS Professionally Qualified Person Card which was the aim of everyone who joined the IDE.

Enrolled (Basic Grade)
Terry Davies, Wye Valley Demolition, Herefordshire
Ryan Lee, Sussex
Terry Madden, Squibb Demolition Ltd, Essex
Andrew Moore, Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd, Buckinghamshire
Roland O’Connor,  C & D Consultancy, West Midlands
Thomas O’Kelly,  O’Kelly Brothers,  Republic of Ireland
Gary Renouf, Redbridge Demolition Company Ltd, Hertfordshire
Dean Williams, Bond Demolition Ltd, South Wales
Hardy Worsey, Heavy Decom International Ltd, North Yorkshire

Ruud Schreijer, Rusch Special Products, The Netherlands

Kieran Wallace,  University of Northumbria with work experience at Tyne Tees Demolition Ltd