For some years we have had a list of members and their grades on the website but this has been in the form of a document and not searchable.  Now with nearly 400 members the time has come to add a search function.

After much ploughing through the Internet I found a directory for the website that would be searchable and Emma’s final job for the IDE was to enter members’ names in it. I have almost gone crossed eyed checking the data to make sure there are no mistakes but I would be glad if you would look at your entry and tell me at once if there is an error.

The directory will be found via the Membership List picture on RHS of the home page or through the Membership menu.

The reason for the urgency and importance is that this directory may be used by clients checking your IDE status, applicants searching for a sponsor and other interested members of the public. It is extremely important that it is up to date and accurate.

The information we have entered is:

Your name

Your grade in the IDE (There is a brief description of the grades at the top of the webpage.)

The County or Metrolitan area in which you live or work. This will be especially useful in enabling IDE members to know of other members in their area and for applicants trying to find a Full Member or Fellow to sponsor them.  In some cases I do not know or am not sure of the county and have entered the town instead.  Please update me if this is so in your case.  (For example, I do not know in which county /metropolitan area the town of Warrington lies and neither my book of maps or the town website is very helpful.)  The reason for using counties or metropolitan areas is to group members into localities that are not too wide spread, but also not so specific as to invade privacy.

Whether you hold the CSCS Demolition Engineer Card.

I shall be happy to remove specific information (apart from your current grade).   If the entire entry is removed its absence will appear to indicate that you have no accreditation to the IDE.

You may wonder what happens if someone finds your name in the directory and phones /emails me for contact information.   In general I would take the caller’s name, together with contact telephone number /email address and pass them to you so you can initiate contact.  There are occasions, however, where another IDE member may wish to contact you and I would give your mobile number or e-mail address to them.  I do not give out private postal addresses or private landline numbers.

If you have any concerns at all please contact me.

best wishes