Having a CSCS card brings benefits to professionals such as designers, consultants, architects, engineers, surveyors and other competency assessed members of professional bodies that meet CSCS criteria.  It shows clients and partners that you are committed to leadership in site-based health and safety.

The Professionally Qualified Persons (PQP) card is the appropriate CSCS Card for competency assessed members of professional bodies, such as the IDE, CIOB and IStructE

(The non-residency on site requirement has now been removed)

Full Members and Fellows of the IDE, whose IDE-CPD is fully up to date, will now have their professional competence as demolition engineers accredited alongside other professional bodies.

The applicant must have a full CPD record in the IDE scheme over the previous 3 years.  This is attested by the National Secretary from records held by the Institute.  

To apply for the card:

1. Download an application form for Professionally Qualified Persons

2. Pass the Managerial and Professional Health & Safety Test.

3. Affix your photo to the form

4 Fill in Section A

5. Leave Section B blank

9. Make a cheque out for £30 made payable to “ConstructionSkills”

10. Send the form and the payment to the IDE National Secretary

Once the form is received the National Secretary will verify that the applicant has:

  • completed the form correctly;
  • passed the appropriate Health & Safety Test
  • been elected and admitted to the IDE grade of Full Member or higher
  • acquired 9 IDE-CPD points in the last three years.

If all is in order the section you have been asked to leave blank will be completed and the form stamped with the IDE seal to verify the Institute’s approval.

The form and payment will be sent to the CSCS Office who will issue the card direct to you.

It is important for the card-holder to comply with the IDE’s Continuing Professional Development requirements.  When the application for the card to be renewed is made after five years it will  be necessary for the holder to have acquired a total of 15 IDE-CPD points.