In its aim to advance the science of demolition engineering the Institute demands of its members that they demonstrate that they are doing their best to keep their knowledge and expertise up to date and are thus competent Demolition Engineers.

It is through its commitment to continuing professional development that the Institute is able to contribute to the safety, efficiency and competence in an industry that is as old as the walls of Jericho but only perceived as a science over the last three or four decades.

Following comment from members and consultation with other professional bodies, the Institute has revised its scheme.  This is operational from 1 January 2011

Continuing Professional Development including a Development Plan and Record gives information about what will be required of all members who are not retired or Students.

There is a form to record CPD in the Members Area for which registration on the Login page is needed.

Alternatively, and you may find this more convenient, please e-mail [email protected] with

  1. The date or dates of the CPD
  2. What you did
  3. How many hours you spent in the activity.