Once the examinations have been passed, not less than two years will be spent in the Associate grade.

During that time the Associate will be expected to keep a diary with a portfolio of supporting evidence to show:

  • Brief outlines of projects in which they are involved and their role in them. (Not full Method Statements)
  • Information about training undertaken and qualifications received
  • Copies of attendance certificates for Conferences, Seminars and Courses attended. At least 3 IDE CPD Points must be gained in each year.
  • Documents testifying to expertise and competence.
  • An updated CV to accompany the above documents.

At the end of the two year period the Associate Member will be invited to submit his or her diary, portfolio and updated CV to the Membership Committee.

If this is judged satisfactory they will be invited to a professional interview where they will be expected to make a presentation using visual aids as appropriate

An Associate Member may place the intials AMIDE after his or her name and apply for an IDE Membership Card, which displays a photo with their name, grade and Institute registration number. This card is renewed annually provided that the member achieves the minimum number of CPD Points in the qualifying year.