You will be allocated an examination number which will identify your papers to the Examiners. Your name will not be used.

There are two papers

Paper 1 – 45 minutes in length – consisting of multiple choice questions on regulations /legislation

Paper 2 – 3 hours in length – 3 questions must be answered from a choice of 6

(drawings, tables and lists may be added). Answers must demonstrate the entrant’s knowledge of a range of demolition related subjects and his/her ability to illustrate logical and safe planning.

Detail may include – pre-planning, risk assessment, training, structural needs, client demands, method, plant & resources, contaminants, environmental considerations, site & local safety, legal duties and constrictions.

Subject matter may specify – special structures, city centre demolition, hazardous materials, waste minimisation and management, Health & Safety (including CDM) Regulations and site risk assessment.

Important - Don't forget!Don’t forget to make sure you have thoroughly read the question before you begin your answer.   No marks will be give for information that is irrelevant or which goes off at a tangent.   Although the examiners are very senior members of the Institute and highly competent Demolition Engineers you should not assume that they will mind read.  If a procedure or compliance with regulations needs to be said, put it in your answer. Your answers should be detailed and have a balance between sketches and written content.

To comply with the professional membership route to the CSCS Demolition Engineer Card it is necessary for all candidates to be proficient in the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for the NVQ 4 in Construction Site Management (Demolition).  Click on the links below to see these.  At this point in time (March 2010) you do not have to do the NVQ4 but you should make sure that you comply with all the requirements.

Demolition Site Management Checklist (NVQ Structure)

National Occupational Standards (NVQ Syllabus)