Entrants to the Institute are expected to offer themselves as soon as possible after entry for the Institute’s examinations which test the candidate’s knowledge, experience and, as far as written papers can, competence in demolition engineering.

There are two examinations and both are taken on the same day.

Part 1 consists of a multiple choice paper covering aspects such as legislation, codes of practice and health and safety. Candidates are expected to attempt all the questions.

Part 2 is a specialised subject section where entrants are required to complete three questions from a choice of six. The questions consist of “case studies” involving aspects of typical demolition projects which require the experienced knowledge of a demolition engineer.

Candidates will need to be proficient in the requirements for the NVQ /SVQ4 in Construction Site Management (Demolition).

The pass mark for both parts of the examination is 70%. There is no limit on the number of times the examination may be taken within two years of joining. The Institute has stringent Examination Procedures.

The examinations are currently held twice in each year. The main examination centre is in Birmingham but it is possible to arrange centres in Kent and Glasgow if there are sufficient candidates. Entrants are routinely notified about the details when and where the examinations are held, and how to apply for them. They are also advised about the one-day Preparation course which is mandatory for those sitting the examinations for the first time.